This will be a short post just to THANK EVERYONE who participated in the 2017 COLLIER HOUSE SPAGHETTI DINNER fundraiser on November 4. I was quite overwhelmed by the support COLLIER HOUSE received during the fund raiser. I don’t want to make a list as, invariably, I will omit a name, but each  and everyone of you were important preparing for, during and after that busy night.

In addition to raising the 2018 operational costs, we can also begin chipping away at the Water Fund and the long term goal to become a foundation for perpetuity.

I will post pictures as I receive them. Included will be a picture of the winner or of the Snap-On Tool Chest. I mention this because of the “coincidence” or divine intervention? Read on: if you are a believer in connecting with the afterlife, this story will confirm your belief, if you are a skeptic, this story will give you food for thought.

At then end of the evening, I asked who won the tool chest? I was told Stevie Nicks and he was on the way back from leaving  the dinner to pick it up. As my friend Leonard Nix and his son came back through the door, I asked him what he was doing here, again.  He said he had won the tool chest. Obviously, not Stevie Nicks. But… here’s the interesting part. Leonard and his son were the two gentlemen who escorted Collier to Wyoming for rehab so long ago. As Len puts it, “I passed Collier to the biggest cowboy I had ever seen…he went one way, we went the other”.  And that is part of the COLLIER HOUSE story. But it does make one think, what did Collier have to do with Len winning the chest….? Coincidence or divine intervention?

There are times I struggle with the responsibility of being President of COLLIER HOUSE, but events like the SPAGHETTI DINNER, testimonials from  visiting families and the nod from my son with stories like the tool chest, I know we are all in this together, bringing Peace to the world, one family at a time, whether in this life or the next.

Peace… a way of life,


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