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Hello, everyone! I am attempting to post information about COLLIER HOUSE every week, so far, so good. Three weeks and counting! This week I would like to mention the day I spent at the Woodstock Family Day at Emricson Park. The event was well attended by many families, spending the day in the park with many activities, including a balloon “magician” who created balloons such as light sabers,  animals and Storm Trooper helmets.

The COLLIER HOUSE table was well situated in the main tent with bounce houses, food and a dance presentation area. Each business was expected to have a child centered activity. COLLIER HOUSE had a Mason jar filled with red, white and blue M&Ms. The favorite answer of the most of the youngsters was 100, but the closest guess was by Katherine, 869! It was the first time she had won a contest and her smile was dazzling!

This fun day was a chance to get the word out to the Woodstock Community about COLLIER HOUSE and our mission to bring Peace to the world, one family at a time. I appreciate the invitation from Betsy Cosgay and the City of Woodstock to attend this fun event. Thank you!

Tables from various community events, Enjoy! I just learned how to do this! LOL!


Peace… a way of life,


Proud Mother of Micah, Jessa, Ty, Collier

Proud Busia of Rylin and Aaden

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