Collier House

Sandra Barcus, the mother of Collier Barcus, had a dream to provide a safe, comfortable home where families can heal from the trauma and stress in their lives.

Collier House construction was completed in early 2011 and the dedication of Collier House took place on July 8th, 2011 to commemorate the 7th anniversary of the death of U.S. Army Spc. 1st Class Collier Barcus. Collier House is set high upon a ridge overlooking the beautiful Clark River near Mt. Carmel Youth Ranch in Cody, Wyoming. This peaceful, quiet retreat in the mountains was built to help guests reminisce, reflect, and most importantly, heal.

Now, with construction complete, all future funds raised for Collier House will be used to maintain the 2 bedroom cabin. Won’t you please consider a donation to the Collier House Fund? Your contribution to this worthy cause is fully tax deductible.

Reservations may be made for short-term lodging through the Collier House staff. Lodging is available to the following

  • Family of military personnel killed in action
  • Gold Star Families

Collier Barcus

Collier Barcus was born June 14, 1983 in McHenry, Illinois, the youngest son of Sandra and Greg Barcus, with older brother, Micah, and sister, Jessa. As a child Collier was an energetic and fun loving person, however at times he seemed to struggle to find his place in the world. As a teenager, Collier became involved in drugs and alcohol, leading him to eventually spend over one year as a resident of Mt. Carmel Youth Ranch for Boys. Here, Collier was able to find solace in the wide open spaces of Wyoming and he took advantage of the healing atmosphere offered at the ranch to begin to realize his potential as a man.

In 2003, Collier joined the U.S. Army, where he seemed to finally found his niche in the world. Collier excelled in the army like never before, climbing quickly through the ranks and earning merits and honors of many kinds along the way. Collier was subsequently stationed as part of the peacekeeping force in Iraq. On July 8, 2004, he was tragically killed in enemy action. Collier’s death greatly affected his family, friends and those from Mt. Carmel Youth Ranch who all loved him so much. For all of those who had seen him grow from a troubled youth to a young hero, Collier touched the lives of many.